How do we make the most out of this journey of life. As Carolyn Myss calls it, our time in “earth school?” I’m not a guru or an expert in any thing except my own journey – I can tell you where I’ve been, and that I’m excited about the journey. I’ve met amazing people along the way and the twists and turns that have led me to where I am have been remarkable. Mostly, I’ve had wonderful, wonderful teachers and I give thanks for their influence in my life.

At a Mother Meera darshan I asked while meditating: What is the Source of Life & Love? The answer was immediate: The Source is You! Imagine, if we all recognized ourselves as sources of life – the sources of what happens on the planet? What could we create? How much more responsible would we be with our intentions? How much more could we imagine as possible?

This blog is just about the journey, the lessons, how Yoga informs my worldview, and trying to be a brighter light – a clearer Source.

Namaste. Be well!


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